Introduction / 簡介

Y.C. LEE, PANG, KWOK, & IP, SOLICITORS was founded by Mr. Lee Yu Cheung in 1987, currently has 11 lawyers and staff, totalling about 30.

The combined experience and expertise of the Firm’s lawyers enables the Firm to advise on virtually every aspect of Hong Kong, English, and American laws. The Firm’s partners Lee Yu Cheung, Kwok William and Ip Chak Sum Sammy are China Appointed Attesting Officers appointed by the Ministry of Justice of China. Our partner, Ip Chak Sum Sammy is a Notary Public and an Accredited Mediator . Furthermore both of our partners, Mr. Dickson Pang and Mr. Ip Chak Sum Sammy are also Civil Celebrants of Marriages.

The areas of legal services provided by the Firm include banking, company and commercial transactions, acquisitions, mergers, intellectual property, conveyancing, insurance, employees’ compensation and personal injuries' claims, litigation, taxation, trust and probate, matrimonial matters, registration of marriages and mediation, etc..
Our clients include local and multinational corporations and listed companies, banks, asset management companies, insurance companies, property developers, manufacturers, traders, companies established in Hong Kong by Central Government Ministries, Commissions, Provincial and Municipal Governments and people from all walks of life. In association with Law Offices of Y.C. Lee, Solicitors & American Attorneys At Law, the Firm has broad and close co-operative relationship with the law firms in the United States, Canada, Australia, Japan and cities in Mainland China including Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Tianjin, Chongqing, Chengdu, Dalian, Wuhan etc. to provide more comprehensive and professional legal services. With China’s Promotion of Reform and Open Door Policy, rapid development of economy, especially the complete opening of China’s capital market after the admission of WTO, China has become one of the most important places in the world to invest. To meet our clients’ needs, the Firm has employed a Chinese law consultant to provide direct Chinese legal advice on various aspects of Chinese law and investment.

李宇祥、彭錦輝、郭威、葉澤深律師事務所 於1987年由李宇祥律師創辦,目前有律師11人,律師和職員人數合共約30人。

本律師事務所律師均具有專業知識和豐富經驗,對於香港、英國及美國法律的每一類問題,都可以提供諮詢和服務。 合夥人李宇祥律師、郭威律師及葉澤深律師均獲司法部委任為中國委託公證人;而合夥人葉澤深律師是國際公證人及認可調解員。另有兩位合夥人,彭錦輝律師及葉澤深律師均為婚姻監禮人。

本事務所提供的法律專業服務包括下列多個範圍:銀行、公司及商業的一般交易以及收購與合併、知識產權、房地產、保險、 僱員補償及人身傷亡之賠償申索、訴訟、稅務、信託及遺產繼承、家事及婚姻訴訟、結婚登記及調解服務等。

本事務所客戶包括本地與外國的公司和上市公司、銀行、資產管理公司、保險公司、物業發展商、製造商、貿易商、 中國內地部委及各省市駐港公司及社會各階層人士等。

通過聯營的李宇祥香港及美國律師事務所,本事務所更與美國、加拿大、澳大利亞、日本及中國內地各大城市如北京、 上海、深圳、廣州、天津、重慶、成都、大連、武漢等地有廣泛和密切的業務合作,提供更為全面、專業的法律服務。

隨著中國改革開放的推行、中國經濟的迅速發展,尤其是中國加入WTO之後資本市場的完全開放,使中國成為新的投資亮點。 本事務所順應業務的發展,聘請了中國法律顧問,提供包括在內地投資的所有中國法律的專業諮詢和服務。